Having trouble accessing your account?

You may have noticed that we've recently upgrading your CL Deals experience. In the process we moved your account to our new software. For security reasons, we did not move your password or credit card information. If you need to access your account, you can reset your password now and enjoy the all new CL Deals experience. Thanks and enjoy!

Deals and Purchases

How do I get the Deal?
Just click "BUY NOW" before the deal ends. We'll charge your card at the end of the day, you will only be charged for deals you buy. Share with your friends to get even better deals! You'll receive an email with a link to print your deal.

How do I use my Deal?
Go to www.cldeals.com to sign in and redeem your deal from your account. When you're at the place of business, click REDEEM NOW from your phone and have the merchant follow the steps and you're on your way to saving.

When do I need to use my Deal by?
Use the deal whenever you like, just make sure you use it by the expiration date. Most deals expire within 12 months.

What if I don't use the full value of the Deal upon redemption, can I get change or cash back?
Unless otherwise stated on the deal, you do not receive store credit or cash back for whatever you don't use.

Can I get an even better deal by combining my Deal with other offers or specials?
Most deals cannot be combined with other offers, but we like how you think. Unless explicitly stated on your print-out, the deals may not be combined with any other offers. You can however, save even more money on your deal by using the refer-a-friend feature or one of our seasonal promotional codes.

What if my certificate is expired?
The promotional offer of your certificate will expire on the date printed on the certificate. If your certificate is expired, you will be able to redeem goods or services at the merchant equal to the price you paid for the certificate for a duration determined by applicable law. If a certificate ever becomes unredeemable, please contact dealsupport@cltampa.com for a credit.

I changed my mind, can I get a refund?
If you decide you don't want your deal and it has yet to expire, you can receive a refund or account credit. If your purchase is less than 90 days old, you will receive a refund to your credit card. If your purchase is more than 90 days old, you will receive a refund in the form of an account credit. If there is something defective with the service or your deal is impossible to redeem, you can also receive a refund/account credit based on the aforementioned terms. Contact dealsupport@cltampa.com.

What if the business for my Deal closes?
If the business closes or it's impossible for you to redeem your deal, we'll make sure you get your money back if it is within 90 days from purchase. After 90 days from the certificate purchase date, we can provide you with a credit on your CL Deals account. Sorry, but we are unable to provide cash refunds after 90 days from the deal purchase date. Contact dealsupport@cltampa.com.

Referrals and Gifts

Can I purchase a Deal as a gift?
That's very nice of you! Yes, you can purchase a deal as a gift. There are two ways to give deals as gifts. 1) You can send the gift to your friend when you checkout or 2) You can send a deal you've already purchased to a friend from your account page.

I have a gift code, how do I claim it?
If you don't already have an account, you will need to register in order to receive your gift. Then, enter your gift code, and start saving!

What happens after I refer a friend?
Once three of your friends purchase the same deal that you did after clicking on your referral link, then you will receive your deal for free. Your card will be refund the amount of your purchase 72 hours after your third referral purchases the deal. You can only receive one free item per deal.

Is there a limit on the number of referrals I can make?
No. You can refer as many people as you like to a deal and after three of them purchase you'll get your deal for free.

General Information

What is CL Deals?
CL Deals offers unbelievable 50% off or more deals for establishments in the Tampa Bay Area. There are no memberships, no fees, no catch.

What about safety and privacy? How secure is your site?
We protect your information as if it were our own. Your information is not shared, sold or distributed for any reason. We use industry standard practices to secure your credit card information and don't store your information on our own servers. See our full Terms of Use and Privacy Policy below.

How can I get my business on CL Deals?
Contact us at (813) 739-4800 or cldeals@cltampa.com

Where can I read your privacy policy?
You can find our privacy policy here.

What are the terms of use for cldeals.com?
You can find this site's terms of use here.

How can I contact CL Deals?
You can contact us by email at dealsupport@cltampa.com or by phone at (813) 739-4800.